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Highness is a tiny, family run business based in Ōtepoti Dunedin. It’s just me, Sarah, my awesome partner Chris and our amazing little daughter Juniper.

Highness started when I got sick of the boring stretched ear jewellery in NZ but really wanted to shop local. I realised it was an uphill battle so decided to attempt to be that go to person with an awesome range.

Initially I planned to use my experience in jewellery manufacture to produce a range of gold & silver handmade stretched ear jewellery – and still do – but Chris & I have decided to throw ourselves in the deep end by starting a small craft beer brewery, taking Highness to the next level by opening a physical retail store, all while wrangling a toddler – life’s a bit hectic! Check out if you’re into your craft beer!

One of my major motivating factors for running Highness is how much I despise terrible customer service (it’s not that hard to be nice) and slow online shipping services. This is my little platform for trying to give you guys the best possible shopping experience and hopefully put a smile on every customers face when they get to open their wee parcel.

Every little order means the world to us so thank you so much for shopping with us!

Sarah x

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