Free shipping over $50 in NZ, rural included!

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We’ve recently made some big updates to our website. Setting up shipping has become a bit more complex, so to keep things simple, we've introduced a standard free shipping threshold for all NZ orders. Previously, the threshold was $40 for urban and $60 for rural deliveries. Now, we’ve met you in the middle – making it easier and fairer for everyone!

Same day dispatch for orders placed before 12pm weekdays*

Same Day Dispatch Exceptions

We're committed to dispatching your orders the same day, but please bear with us as there might be times when life's little surprises come our way. As a small, family-run business, we might occasionally need to reach out if there’s an issue with your order. Whether it’s a stock hiccup or a sick day, we promise to keep you informed and work swiftly to resolve any problems. Your understanding and support mean the world to us!

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We've moved from WooCommerce to Shopify, which might not mean anything to anyone, but it's a big job. We've been with WooCommerce for 10 years but we're totally over how slow and glitchy it can be (if you've been around a while you'd have noticed how many 'rebuilds' we've had with no luck) so here's to a whole new world of speed and awesome-ness.

We've manually transferred most data, orders, customers, loyalty points, vouchers. Fingers crossed we haven't missed anything but if you've noticed something missing (ie voucher not working) just flick us a message and we'll get it working asap!

In the meantime we've set up a 10% off storewide discount that should make up for loyalty points and then a little extra, just use code ARGH at the checkout 🥰

Thanks SO bloody much,
Sarah x