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Arctic Fox Hair Colour

Arctic Fox is back whānau and it's not going anywhere this time!

Mushrooms, kitty's, dumplings, all the cute.

We've stocked up on stocking fillers & sweet little pressies for everyone 💘

Free Gift Wrapping for Christmas!

Want free gift wrapping? Let us know in the order notes, simply type: PLEASE WRAP followed by the item you'd like wrapped.

Promise we'll do a good job

Time for Change, The Good Kind!

We’ve closed our physical Ōtepoti shop to the public, we’re 100% still here online though and not going anywhere! We were just a bit too stretched to have it open and effectively run the online store (which has always been our OG) as well as our other ventures. This is pretty sweet though as it means we will have the time to make Highness everything we would love to. We’ve swapped the platform that we run this wee biz on and have some awesome little techy updates. There’s a few more details so check out our post.

Keen to get very intermittent updates from us, like once a year maybe? *nervous laugh* …Well sign up then, ya silly!

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