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We’ve recently made some big updates to our website. Setting up shipping has become a bit more complex, so to keep things simple, we've introduced a standard free shipping threshold for all NZ orders. Previously, the threshold was $40 for urban and $60 for rural deliveries. Now, we’ve met you in the middle – making it easier and fairer for everyone!

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We're committed to dispatching your orders the same day, but please bear with us as there might be times when life's little surprises come our way. As a small, family-run business, we might occasionally need to reach out if there’s an issue with your order. Whether it’s a stock hiccup or a sick day, we promise to keep you informed and work swiftly to resolve any problems. Your understanding and support mean the world to us!

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Highness began in 2013 as an outlet for those who fearlessly wanted to express their incredible personalities to the world, and to provide the kind of products that would assist them in doing so.
One of the things that was super important to us was the idea of making people happy, especially when they’re having a crappy day. Highness gave us a platform to give that a shot.
Highness was founded by Sarah & Chris, and over the past decade it has been the most epic, fulfilling adventure. In 2018 we decided to take on the challenge of starting a craft beer brewery alongside Highness – turns out, while we knew time flies fast, it flies really fast. In 2019, our little JD came along, stepping the hectic-ness up a level.
We opened our brick & mortar store in 2021 - which was awesome, but we were just too busy to do everything we wanted to decided to focus on online for 2024.
This online shift empowers us to further develop our aftercare brand and create more of those candles that you folks can’t seem to get enough of. While we may reopen our physical store in the future, we’re presently following our hearts and prioritising our whānau, passions, and dreams.