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Conch Piercing Jewellery

 A conch piercing is a type of ear piercing located in the middle part of the ear cartilage, either in the inner or outer conch. The inner conch is the flat, central area inside the ear, while the outer conch is the curved outer edge of the ear.

For jewellery, popular options include:

  • Studs: Great for both inner and outer conch piercings. They usually have a flat back for comfort.
  • Hoops: Captive bead rings or seamless hoops can be used, especially for the outer conch.
  • Barbells: Straight or curved barbells can be stylish and comfortable.

Jewellery sizes vary, but common sizes include:

  • Gauge (thickness): Typically 16g (1.2mm) or 14g (1.6mm).
  • Diameter (for hoops): Ranges from 10mm to 12mm, depending on the placement and personal preference.
  • Length (for studs/barbells): Usually 6mm to 8mm, but this can vary based on the thickness of your ear cartilage.

Disclaimer: Please consult with your piercer for personalised advice, as everyone’s anatomy is different and not all of the listed jewellery will be suitable for every conch piercing. This collection is partially automated, so an occasional piece that isn't appropriate for conch piercings may appear.

566 Results

566 Results